Green Screen Photo booth

Green Screen Christmas Photo booth

Christmas time once again & everyone’s due a welcome break from the working week. Right now we find our dairy booked up from early December until late January with business team building & festive parties, . Zenith Chambers (offers services in family, crime, commercial and┬ácivil law) hired JC Photo booth for their personal injury team Christmas party. They decided to use a special back ground (Alice-in-Wonderland Theme) . Each photo booth print uses 4 different background images from the chosen theme.

Green Screen Photo booth

Thanks James & Karen we all had a really great time!

Magic of Green Screen

My first memory of green screen magic is from my childhood, while watching the weather forecast after the news back in the days when TV only had five channels. Nothing like we have today with Sky, Virgin Media, BT, Youtube & BBC iPlayer. I used to wonder why small parts of the presenters clothing matched the background of the studio. We’ll I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now it was because the clothing had a very similar green to the back ground. But how does the green screen actually work?

Science behind Green Screen

The TV & film industry term is “Chroma Key” this post production magic uses two images or video streams together as one. With the use of transparency within the top layer you are able to separate part of the image which you wish to substitute. Chroma keying backgrounds can be any colour that’s solid & bold, usually green & blue they are the main colours used today due to their difference in hue from most human skin colors.

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